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The LPG volumes provided by ENAP from the far south of Chile were suspended. Furthermore, ENAP allocated a large volume of the LPG produced by its refineries to supply its alkylation plant that was commissioned in late 2012. In the light of this new scenario, Gasmar had greater demand from its customers, which are supplied with greater sea imports.
The company started to build a fifth tank with a storage capacity of 60,000 m3. The terminal will thereby attain a total LPG refrigerated storage capacity of 145,000 m3.
Late that year, Gasmar and Abastible established the company Hualpén Gas S.A., which took charge of the operations of the Abastible-owned San Vicente terminal in the eighth region.
Gasmar commissioned the terminal services to such company, gaining a further 40,000 m3 of capacity and being able to operate and market its products directly in the south of Chile.


During the Argentina natural gas supply crisis, Gasmar was an important player in the backup for this fuel. The company supplied Metrogas continuously and safely with propane so it could operate its propane-air plants. That was vital to keep up a continuous supply to the residential and commercial network in the Metropolitan region, providing a reliable supply to people who faced gas cuts from Argentina.


The company commissioned a fourth 35,000 m3 tank at the Quintero terminal in August of this year. Gasmar now has a LPG storage capacity 85,000 m3.


Metrogas started to install propane-air plants to provide backup for its customers. To such end, it signed a backup contract with Gasmar pursuant to which the company started to build a fourth tank at the Quintero Terminal.


Early in the year and due to the success in 2002, the company signed a contract with ENAP to provide terminal services for all the LPG entering the center of the country by sea. This contract remained in force for 10 years until in 2013 ENAP stopped operating this LPG because of the sharp drop in imports from Argentina in the far south of the country.


The company started to undertake tests to appraise the feasibility of providing services to Chile’s National Petroleum Company (ENAP) to operate the LPG the latter produced and imported from Argentina in the far south of Chile, and then shipping it by sea to Quintero.
After months of operations, it was possible to confirm that the logistical solution designed could indeed efficiently and safely meet ENAP’s needs and also Gasmar’s import tankers.


Late that year, the propane pipeline (owned by Sonacol) started to operate from Quintero to Maipú. Its facilities enabled LPG to be pipelined directly to Maipú in Santiago and continue loading trucks for other unconnected destinations. This led to more efficient, faster and safer shipments.


The company implemented a third 20,000 m3 tank with the aim of generating greater efficiency in the logistical processes. With this it managed to attain a refrigerated storage capacity of 50,000 m3 and thereby receive 54,000 m3 gas tankers. The versatility of the terminal is evident in the ability to load and unload vessels with transfer rates assuring efficient and economic port operations.


In September 1994, Gasmar S.A. started up operations by receiving the Mundogas Atlantic gas tanker that unloaded 12,574 tons. Gasmar S.A.’s customers, i.e., LPG distribution companies, thereby started to receive supplies from the most diverse places in the world and in accordance with international standards. That was a key factor as it marked a milestone in the Chilean market. Since then, the domestic network has received HD-5 propane, the highest quality LPG in the world.


Gasmar was established as a closely held corporation on April 15, 1992. From then on, the company started to build a liquid bulk and LPGshipment, unloading and storage terminal, and was engaged in gas purchase, freight and wholesale.

This maritime terminal is located in the bay of Quintero, 160 kilometers from Santiago. At that time, the company installed two refrigerated LPG tanks with a capacity of 10,000 and 20,000 m3, and implemented the loading and unloading system on the wharf that the company Oxiquím built at that time, enabling Gasmar to provide a continuous and safe supply to its customers.

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